New TLDs Websites

Connect With Customers By Using the .help Domain

If your company or organization conducts any of its business online, chances are your customers will need help with something. Whether it’s pre-sales type questions, or support for existing customers, or questions on how to use your product, you will need to find the best way to provide them with the information they need.

Helping Customers Online

In addition to offering customers the option of calling your business, another solution could be to use a .help domain name. By creating a spin-off website or landing page that is dedicated to helping customers, you’re accomplishing a few things:

  • You’re making it crystal clear where they can go to get help. For example,
  • You’re categorizing your help operations in their minds, making those communications focused on help and not on, say, sales.
  • You’re consolidating all of your help documentation and operations in one place
  • You’re showing the customer that you care when they have a question or need assistance

Reduces Confusion & Increases Efficiency

Let’s say customers can call you with a question. Let’s say they can also email you. Let’s say they ask you random questions on Social Media too. You want to give your customers multiple ways to contact you for help, but the combination of these methods can get confusing and can waste time as agents try to assess and triage what an inquiry is about. Even if your company takes advantage of tools like HelpScout to track all of your support in one place, it might be beneficial to create a website with the .help domain name in order to make it easier for your customers as well. This will reduce confusion on where to go to get help and increase efficiency internally because you only need to check one place.

Reducing Costs

Let’s say you’re trying to cut costs. One advantage of having a .help website is that you can publish all of your help documentation online. That way, if the majority of your customer questions can be answered by a pre-drafted document, all you need to do is direct them to the place where all of your help articles are. Not all, but some customers actually prefer to find the answers on their own so you can reduce the cost of your support operations.