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Fall 2022 Price Changes

Another year, another batch of wholesale registry price increases. Three registries have announced slight price increases slated for September 1, 2022. The registry Donuts has also announced price increases on approximately 200 extensions as well.

Who are the registries? They’re the companies who run the domain extensions (TLDs) such as .com, .xyz, .dentist, etc. Some registries include Donuts, XYZ, and Verisign. For more info about registries, check out our Knowledge Base article.

Porkbun’s core pricing strategy hasn’t changed: we take registry wholesale prices and mark them up slightly. As such, you’ll probably see less of a price increase at Porkbun than most other registrars come September. Please note that these price increases may not necessarily impact first year registrations, which may be discounted much lower than the prices listed here—but they’ll definitely impact renewal and transfer prices.

Please note that prices listed in this document are our best guess given the data available to us at the writing of this document in early June 2022. Final retail prices may be higher or lower.

Your best defense against rising prices is to renew any domain(s) you wish to keep at the current rates. You can renew your domain at any time, not just when it’s up for renewal. If you’re worried about transferring, generally most transfers keep any previously purchased years except for a few noted exceptions.


Verisign announced that it will raise prices on .com domains on September 1, 2022. .Com registrations are currently $9.13 at Porkbun. The new price will likely be around $9.75.

This increase is part of a larger multi-year series of increases that Verisign has planned, read more on what to expect in the next few years here.

.xyz and .monster

The .xyz registry, which runs .xyz and .monster (amongst others) announced an increase for those two TLDs on September 1 as well. The current first-year price of .xyz is $9.28 and .monster is $9.31. The new prices will likely be somewhere around $9.37 for .xyz and $9.40 for .monster. Renewal prices should also increase by a similar amount. Additionally, premium .xyz and .monster domains currently priced at $9.23 will increase to around $9.85.

GoDaddy Registry

On September 1, 2022, the following TLDs will slightly increase in price for new registrations, transfers, and renewals:

  • .biz will go from $13.50 to around $14.45
  • .club will go from $10.74 to around $11.80
  • .design will go from $34.48 to around $36.60. .Design renewals are currently priced at $34.94 and they’ll also go up by around the same amount, probably to around $37.05
  • .co will go from $20.91 to $23.00

Additionally, the following TLDs will decrease slightly:

  • .luxe
  • .abogado
  • .casa


Donuts announced price increases on a number of their extensions effective October 4th, 2022. Here are the extensions and our best guess at the amount we believe these domains will increase in price at Porkbun. 

TLDApproximate price increase