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Happy 9th Birthday, .co!

In 2015, the internet welcomed 500+ new Top Level Domain endings – new gTLDs – giving people more options to choose from when registering a domain name. In addition to .com, .net and .org, people could choose from anything from .love to .marketing. But even before that, in 2010, there was another alternative to .com that was already making waves in its infancy: .co. In its 9 years being available to the public, .co has become a popular domain name choice for many startups as well as enterprise brands. This post share some fun stats about .co and why you should consider one for your entrepreneurial endeavor.

.co Stats, By The Books

.co Stats, By The Books

  • There are more than 2.23 million .co domains registered around the world.
  • .co is recognized and used in more than 190 countries
  • If you compare the amount of registrations among different domain endings, .co is the 20th biggest domain in the world
  • 29% of all premium .co names sold are 4 character names (e.g. Cisco’s, WeWork’s & more)

Big Brands Using .co

We Work

We work is changing the way people work by creating collaborative spaces and environments to promote freelancing and other inspiring passion careers. Their domain name is an elegant and memorable web address to communicate their brand. In fact, one interpretation is that is short for We, Community, or We Co-Op, which aligns with their brand mission of creating an entire community where people can work together, collaborate and grow.

Twitter Link Shortener

Most of us have, at one time or another used Twitter. But did you know that when you share a link on twitter, it can shorten that link for you? It not only helps with giving you more space to write your message, but it also helps with security to prevent malware from spreading. This is an interesting use case of .co, that is quite clever.


From across the street to across the globe, established businesses and entrepreneurial startups are claiming their domains on .CO. As a way to celebrate .co’s mark on the internet world, you can register your own .co domain name during a one-week sale, from July 8th to July 15th. .co will of course still be available after that, but if you’re thinking of getting your startup off the ground, now is the time!