How to select the perfect domain name

We make the searching for and registering a new domain name a breeze, it’s the selection part that is dependent on YOU!

Ask yourself, What are you naming? Is it a personal site, a business, a site for a promotional event, for a new or existing brand? The purpose your site is meant to play will determine the domain you use.


  1. .com or not .com
    • To most of us, .com means “Internet,” but there are literally hundreds of more descriptive options for domain endings. Sure, if you can get the .com you want (I bet you can’t) without contacting the existing owner and being held up for thousands of dollars, do it. Still, even if you can still get, is it descriptive and innovative enough for your new venture? New domain options, like .design, .ink, .love, have completely opened up the playing field and will become the new standard in the coming years. Old-school options like .net and .co will be used less and less and .com will be a symbol of older companies that got online early or had the money to acquire an expensive domain.
  2. Are you branding yourself?
    • A wedding site makes sense at, but that’s not a business name. You want something short and memorable and something you can imagine on business cards, even billboards! Are you involved in a specific industry? There is probably a new domain option for you. is clear and professional, as is
  3. Are you branding a business?
    • Maybe your business has a generic name, you’re a coffee shop called Revolution Coffee. The .com is taken or just not your style, no problem, we know you’re trendier than that anyways. Maybe is available, or you’re proudly located in New York so you like – maybe you want to be a bit quirky and so is both a fun domain and something you can brand. Consider how you want to tell your story because in our connected world, your domain name is the beginning of that narrative.
  4. NO hyphens, symbols, Z’s as S’s
    • With new domain options, there is no excuse for cumbersome misspellings, awkward hyphens, and symbols. Stay away from numbers especially if you need to say your domain over the phone when differentiating between “four” and “4” (and “for”!) could be difficult.
  5. Short, memorable, YOU.
    • The whole point of new domain expansion is to open up possibilities. So, you no longer have to live by the availability and rules of .com, you can brand yourself as best fits you. Remember, the domain name is just the beginning of how you tell your story, and so making it descriptive, engaging, or personal is an important part of that.

With that in mind, start searching Porkbun for your preferred domain. Include the extension, like .design, if you know you want to use it, or browse the list of all available extensions.


Once you find your name (or names!) you can have them registered and in a new account in less than 4 minutes. If you know your name, address, and have a debit or credit card, you’re set. From there, we invite you to immediately begin building a website via Weebly.