The One Tweak You Can Make To Your Website Copy To Get More Customers

If you’ve invested a lot of time into your website, chances are you’ve probably encountered this situation before: you are happy with how your website looks, what is says, and who might check it out. You may have even noticed that you’ve earned some visits to your website. However, not a lot of people are engaging with your content; they’re not contacting you or buying your product/service. What gives? While there are plenty of tools you can use to analyze your website visitor behavior, this post discusses how you can tweak your website copy to get more customers.

“It’s Not Me. It’s You.”

The reason your website copy may not be working as well as you’d like is probably due to the fact that you’re writing too much about yourself and your products/services and not enough about your customers and what they get out of it. By relying too heavily on words like “our” “us” “we” your website visitors have to work harder mentally to determine how your product could benefit them. Most of the time, customers don’t care as much about how your product works but rather what it produces. Super long About Us pages are also not as effective, unless you have an engaging story that can tie into your product offering.

The One Tweak

The solution is to change the way you approach describing your products. Think “you” not “we.” After all, who is the website truly for? It’s not as simple as replacing all the words “our” with “your” but rather, changing the concept and telling it in a way that resonates with your reader. What problems or needs or concerns do your customers usually have? How does your product or service address that need? How does your solution quell their fears of what might go wrong? By answering these questions, you can arm yourself with impactful ideas on how to change your website copy to reflect your solution, and how it helps your audience.

Swap The Concept of “Our” With “Your”

Scan your website copy and identify the instances where the words “we” “our” “us” appear. Look at the entire sentences and paragraphs and see if you can re-write them from the perspective of your target market. See if can replace the concept of “our” with “your.” For example, instead of writing “Our project management software tool has an automatic task scheduler,” change the concept to something along the lines of “With [product name], you can automatically schedule tasks.” After re-wording the core concept, you could add selling-point language to embellish your claim. But the point is to get you into the mindset of using your website copy to talk about your products from your customers’ point of view.


You’ve spent the time creating a stellar product or service. You’ve created a stunning website. Now all you have to do is change your website copy to communicate to your customers how it will help them with their challenges.




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