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Why Every New Yorker Should Create Their Own Email Domain

From our partners at .nyc domains

Still have that @hotmail account you created in 2002? Believe it or not, these days, even having a generic @gmail or @yahoo account is considered passé. Create a personalized e-mail address that you choose and control in order to establish your digital presence, amplify your personal brand—and appear web-savvier than the rest. 

Business owners are not the only ones who need a custom e-mail address. Your friendships, family relations and overall “personal brand” exist in the real world, but also live on and persist in the digital realm. This is great news for those who want to build their personal relationships online and simplify communication in as little as 10 minutes.

Below are the top reasons you should dump your generic email and get a custom email address.

1. This Time, It’s Personal

As mentioned, a custom email does not just benefit professional and business correspondences. It can serve a much higher (and more personal) purpose. Consider this: you’re planning the first family reunion in years, so you secure a domain name that reflects your family name, and as a New Yorker, naturally, you choose a .nyc You’re not interested in setting up a website (at least for now), but in an effort to easily stay connected with your relatives and streamline communications during the planning process, you decide to create a personal email address for everyone in the family:

You create an online event and email the invites from your new branded email address. Not only is your email going to stand out in their inbox, but you’ve also made it easier for everyone to stay-in-touch. Does Grandma want to attend? She can send to and email her attendance confirmation to Maybe Grandma wants an email address of her own? With your custom email address, you can also create a variety of addresses based on your needs. For example, you can create one for each member of your family or extended family. That should make color-coordinating for the long overdue family portrait much less stressful.

2. Simplicity — Less Is More: 

Unless you’re lucky enough to have an uncommon name, any address you can get at the big free mail providers is likely to be some complex variant of your name. You may have noticed that a family member uses Gmail or Yahoo to send you those virtual Birthday card greetings, or annual Holiday party announcement. Did you also notice that most of those emails include numbers, hyphens or symbols in addition to the name (example: A complicated email with extra letters and numbers will only increase the chances of someone mistyping your address and sending a personal note to the wrong person. 

Simpler is always better. With your own domain name, you’ve got complete control. You could even rely on a single letter such as This should make sharing your email address a breeze. With your own domain, it’s far more likely that typo-ed addresses will get bounced, and the sender will notice the mistake.

3. Be The Most Interesting And Memorable Person In The (Digital) Room

Think about it, you’re networking at a (virtual) industry happy hour or Zoom conference, and you pass your contact information——to a promising job lead. When you have a custom domain email address, it is easier for people to contact you. Your audience will find your personalized email address easier to remember when they need it, and, needless to say, much more professional than a jumbled Gmail or Yahoo address.

The goal is an easy and memorable way to brand yourself online so that you stand out. Being proactive puts you in control of your career development and increases your attractiveness in the marketplace. ​

4. Get A Grip Of Your Inbox

This is the big one: get more control. Creating personalized account helps you stay organized and automatically direct the stream of emails that seem to flood our daily lives. Once you register your domain, you have control (not a 3rd party), of how to direct and channel your mail as well as your online brand. Don’t like your current email interface? Or maybe you’re tired of ads cluttering your inbox. You can take your custom email to any provider of your choice. 

In addition, owning an independent domain gives you the ability to direct different types of mail to different addresses. Tired of spam? Create an email for all your advertising and marketing emails Want a dedicated inbox for all your networking efforts? Try 

The point is, by using your own domain name, you retain more control and have access to set up as many email aliases as you like.

5. Easy As 1, 2, 3…

With the rise in digital communication, setting up a custom email address (i.e. hosted email) has never been easier. You can manage your email and your domain all in one place to make life easier.  Prefer to manage your inbox on your Gmail account, Outlook, Yahoo? Don’t fret. You can keep your preferred email platform and use your new custom email. Check out the simple steps for creating your new email on any preferred account here. Setup is as easy as the 3 steps below: 

  • First, you need to reserve a domain
  • Second, you setup a hosted email account.
  • Third, you add your new custom name to wherever you normally check your email! View our quick setup guides for Gmail, Outlook and more, here.

6. It’s Affordable!

New Yorkers are known for being ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to good deals. You can get your custom .nyc email address with our NYC offer, for only $6.65! This is a minuscule price to pay for being in control of your own online identity.