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Getting To Know The Porkbun Domain Management Console

When you purchase a domain name, you own the keys to your website kingdom. Your domain name tells the world what your website is about, and gives you a brand name. From a technical perspective, you can do a lot of things with your domain name. You can connect your domain name to a website that you’ve built with another web service like Wix or Weebly. You can use it as a re-direct if you own another domain name. You can integrate it into eCommerce shopping platforms so that your customers only see your professionally branded storefront. However, sometimes performing these tasks can be tricky for the novice user. Some registrars don’t make these tasks any less tricky when they make you go through multiple webpages and convoluted instructions to make basic changes. To combat this, we re-engineered our domain management console to make it easier for you to manage your domain names. Read on to get to know the new Porkbun Domain Management Console.

All In One Place

Hearing feedback from users over the past few years and their experiences managing their domain names and website hosting, one key frustration that we observed was the “lack of cohesion.” There was a clear need to consolidate everything into one page. Not only can someone have multiple domains in their account, but there are several actions that they might need to take in order to modify or add products to their domain. All of these variables are a lot to juggle, but the benefit of taking the time to organize them into a single location is that now users can access all the commands in one place. All of the possible changes that someone might need to make to their domain are accounted for in the new Porkbun domain management console.

The 6 Most Common Features

Porkbun customers can access the 6 most-needed functions of a domain name without leaving the same page, some with a single-click.

  1. Website Builder – This is where you can access Weebly, your website builder that is “drag-and-drop”, no coding required.
  2. Email Hosting – You can either forward incoming email to an existing email address or create an email address that matches your domain. For example or With this latter option, you can send email with a professional email address that matches your domain name.
  3. SSL – Click here to download your security credentials
  4. Auto-Renew – You can toggle on/off your auto-renew settings
  5. Lock – You can lock your domain or unlock it if you want to transfer
  6. WHOIS – This is where you can control your domain name privacy. It is set to ON as default so that no one on the internet will know who owns your domain name.

“Details” (i.e. Extra Functionality)

Sometimes you may need to do more than simply toggle auto renew on and off. You may need to update your nameservers or swap out A records to point your domain to a specific webhost. For these types of technical tasks, we added a “details” button which will show the necessary extra options, but still on the same screen.

Saves Headache

Building your website and managing your domains shouldn’t be overly cumbersome. With the new Porkbun Domain Management Console, you can spend less time with the behind-the-scenes technical tasks, and more time on your business. If you’re a current Porkbun customer, log in to your account and take a look at your domains in your console. If you’re not a Porkbun customer yet, you can check out our list of 400+ domain name extensions, or as we like to call them, TLDs. Chances are there is a TLD that matches what you do.