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The .cloud Trend Continues

Cloud technology is redefining the future of business. If you don’t believe us, here’s some fun stats:

  • According to Forrester, 50% of all enterprise businesses will rely on cloud technology in 2018.
  • AI machine learning will constitute the majority of cloud activity by 2020.
  • The total global public cloud market will be $178B in 2018.

That’s a lot of activity happening on data centers and servers, all quietly humming away out in the desert somewhere. While this type of technology may be a foggy concept for most, it’s understandable to witness companies branding themselves with a .cloud domain name. The .cloud domain name is quite fitting for cloud-based companies because it is general enough to connote “anything related to cloud technology” but also specific enough that it signifies what type of technology it is. The cool thing is that companies from wildly different industries are adopting a .cloud domain name. Even though the products themselves are different, the structure used to deliver those products is the same. Check out these three use cases of companies adopting a .cloud domain name below. is fleet management platform which allows transportation companies to manage their fleet from one system. Tracking vehicles and analyzing performance is a key feature. But with so much data, needed to leverage cloud technology in order to accommodate large datasets. When it came time to choosing the company’s domain name, Martin Anke, VP Sales & Marketing stated “At first, we were considering other top-level domain names like .com and .org. However, we struggled with other associations of ‘RIO.’ Fortunately, we found a perfect match in .cloud. The .cloud domain helps RIO to transmit its vision and values and illustrates how the company is working in a modern way with the cloud.”¬†With the continued growth of its platform,’s goal is to become¬†the operating system of the logistics sector.

As more and more business transactions get sent to the cloud, there is inevitably more of a demand for accounting work. Businesses big and small need to keep track of every transaction in order to properly run their business and ensure a positive customer experience. That’s where comes in. offers virtual cloud accounting services, and they have developed a receipt management system. They also write a blog helping startups think about accounting. fint.coud is leading the way as an example of a company who built their business with cloud technology and their brand with a .cloud domain name. is a great use case because their company name is literally Fashion Cloud. In general, isn’t a bad domain name, but they improved their branding by getting a shorter domain name of Similar to the other use cases, comes to the table from a completely different industry, the fashion industry. They help independent online retailers and eCommerce storefronts get access to fashion product suppliers. They also provide up to date information on what’s in stock as well as how each product looks. This connection between the supplier and retailers requires lots of data storage and processing. That’s why has naturally evolved to use cloud technology.


Cloud technology is here to stay. Companies with a .cloud domain name show they are ready and leading a cloud-first future. You can register your own .cloud domain name by clicking the link below and searching for a name that you want.





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