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News from .inc: Two-letter domains available now!

Guest Post

from our partners at .inc

A great opportunity to get two-letter .inc domains has arrived!

.inc has recently released hundreds of two-letter domains, and best of all, they are priced to sell! This is a rare opportunity to own a domain that means business.

What makes two-letter domains so special? 

For comparison, all two-letter .com domains were sold by the year 2000. Since then, two-letter .com names have rarely come up for auction, with an average sale price up to $670k. This price point pushes these two-letter .com domains out of reach for many start-ups and mid-sized businesses. 

However, this special batch of two-letter .inc domains has been released at the standard flat rate, which means they are  attainable in an otherwise competitive marketplace.

There are only 676 possible 2-letter combinations, and now is your best chance to own a two-letter .inc domain!. What can you do with a 2-letter domain? Here are some ideas:

  • Own your company initials
  • Brand a short, memorable, and easy to type domain (which is especially important in today’s mobile-first world) 
  • Use in place of a URL shortener to elevate your marketing

Currently, you can  get .inc for 50% off including these rare two-letter domains right here at Porkbun, so what are you waiting for?

Search Your 2-letter .inc Domain Today!