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Promoting Sustainability: Exploring the .eco Community

Porkbun is a proud partner of .eco and part of the .eco community — the domain name for everyone working to help our planet. Read as we shine a (green) spotlight on some of the amazing folks using their .eco websites for positive changes!

This piggy is green! Porkbun is a proud partner of .eco and part of the .eco community — the domain name for everyone working to help our planet. Committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the .eco community consists of businesses, individuals, educational institutions, governments, and non-profit organizations. Each helps people to make better choices every day and bring about positive change to the world we share.

Inspiring .eco Websites

A .eco domain name is a trusted way to show your clients, customers, and website visitors that you care for the planet. A symbol of positive environmental action, .eco is the online home for those creating an ​​environmentally and socially sustainable world.

Porkbun and the .eco registry want to shine a (green) spotlight on some of the amazing folks using their .eco websites for positive changes! Each is a proud member of the .eco community:


equal eco website is an astonishing social commerce platform aimed at establishing a global circular-economy marketplace. They fight against growing global inequalities by designing a marketplace in which everyone gives and takes equally using an innovative digital rewards system. This circular-economy marketplace reduces waste, improves quality of life for individuals, and increases the bottom line for businesses in support of a sustainable economy and greener world.

As part of their commitment to creating a better world for all, has published its seven-point pledge for sustainability priorities they support through their actions:

  1. No poverty
  2. Responsible production and consumption
  3. Reduced inequalities
  4. Zero hunger
  5. Sustainable cities and communities
  6. Gender equality
  7. Decent work and economic growth

This company exudes the values of the .eco community and promotes sustainability practices for all.

swap out eco product website

Not all .eco websites are run by businesses. Every individual can make a difference in the world through a commitment to sustainable practices. Such is the case with our next .eco success story: Run by a software engineer as part of his personal goal to stop doing everything that could or might hurt animal lives and the environment, debunks environmentally harmful products and suggests what to replace them with.

This .eco website has an extensive blog with recommendations on how to swap out potential harmful products with eco-friendly alternatives as well as a guide to “green up your kitchen.” The premise is simple, but the impact potential is huge. Make the swap out toward a sustainable planet.

buco martial arts eco website

An educational institution regarding the martial arts, is another shining example of a .eco website that shares a commitment to sustainability. supports the development of healthy lifestyles and relationships to nourish ourselves and respect our environment. They’re an adaptive and relevant resource for mind-body awareness practices and support community-service initiatives led by their partners and members. consists of a growing body of international budoka, artists, and educators. They promote the Power of Cooperation by exploring and celebrating diversity in cultural, social, and professional experiences.

ecofocus eco website homepage is a business taking ecological conservation, preservation, and solutions to the next level for Latin America. They claim, “the best technical strategy to achieve real sustainability is adopting deep ecology projects.” To achieve their vision, they work with projects concerning water, energy, vegetation, air, and soil.

Each of their ecology project solutions are considered Turn Key Solutions, meaning they’re able to offer them from conception through execution. With their experience and expertise, they’re able to offer solutions on any scale for all persons, businesses, and entities. 

Their list of current environmental actions include:

  • Creating new green jobs
  • Reducing chemical use and dependency
  • Supporting inclusive and equitable educational programs
  • Supporting partnerships for positive global change

finom website eco domain

A family business based in Slovakia, is a zero-waste store aimed at changing the way we shop for food. After observing unnecessary waste piling up in their trash, members of this family sought to find a more sustainable approach to food and grocery shopping. They provide honest foods without packaging, creating a culture of recycling and reusing containers instead of creating waste with disposable materials. Some of their primary .eco community goals are to promote healthy eating and wellness with responsible consumption and production practices.

Steps they’ve taken to achieve their goals and support the environment include:

  • Practicing composting
  • Eliminating or reducing chemical use
  • Reducing waste
  • Selling certified goods and services
  • Passing the Green Web Check

cloud 9 cleaning eco domain name

Last, but definitely not least, Porkbun is proud to showcase a .eco community member practically in our own backyard! Based in Vancouver, WA, is a cleaning company focused on green cleaning. Too often cleaners are filled with harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the environment through runoff, waste, and product disposal. Taking an eco-friendly approach to cleaning services, takes pride in creating a chemical-free space for all their customers.

All of the products used by are naturally derived and ​​purchased locally from Biokleen. They offer an affordable, high quality service that doesn’t sacrifice environmental health!

Their list of current and future environmental action plans include:

  • Buying certified goods and services
  • Practicing recycling
  • Developing new eco-friendly products and services

Each of these .eco websites are members of a community working towards a better planet for all. What are you doing to make the world a better place? Grab your .eco domain name today at Porkbun and share your goals with the world!