Want Your Business to Stand Out Online? Pick A Cooler Web Domain.

Guest Post

from our partners at GoDaddy Registry

There are more than 1.7 billion websites that exist on the Internet today. So, how can one stand out in this crowded, digital universe? 

Believe it or not, online strategic branding all starts with picking the right web domain. 

Whether you’re a high-tech startup or a small but mighty local nonprofit, let your mission shine before visitors even land on your company site. Many treat their domain as an afterthought, opting for mainstream options. But those last few letters of your web address should be treated as an extension of your marketing and messaging, allowing you to use your URL as the ultimate branding tool. 

To do so, think outside of the box, and consider alternative domains that are as unique as you — like .fashion, .club, .cooking, .design, .luxe, or .vip. These are just a few examples of the many domain extensions available that can better define what you do and help you stand out. Unique, innovative web extensions might be a perfect fit for your industry or mission, or better speak to your company culture. 

Last but not least, these domains let customers easily identify you in search results, and will create a more memorable brand. There are over 280 domain extensions available globally, and it can be daunting not knowning where to start. Luckily, we’ve highlighted some gems that will help your online venture stand out in the oh-so-crowded World Wide Web.

You can be sure there is a name to suit your venture, whatever it may be. Check out this curated list of some of our favorites; they’re all at a special low price to help you get started.

.CO (for entrepreneurs) and are just some of the major and modern companies taking on this domain. Trusted for over 10 years, it has become a favorite among high-tech startups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, it has also become synonymous with blockchain technology and crypto websites;,, and But .co isn’t just for Silicon Valley; it’s rapidly building steam in Asia, Africa, and beyond. Alicia Yu, for instance, launched to track the latest fashion and global lifestyle trends in China and worldwide. Her short and sleek web address is on brand with her website. 

.Design (for designers)

If you want to speak to a specific industry, domains like .design can get the job done. The .design extension is niche yet all-encompassing, ready to serve a wide range of professions. Whether you’re an interior designer in Sydney Australia like, a New York fashion stylist like, or a Swedish graphic artist like, consider a domain that speaks to your creative depth. Not only is a .design domain reserved for individuals or small businesses, many international cooperations have started implementing .design for their business needs — Adobe ( uses this extension to promote their design community whilst DropBox and Spotify both use a .design to showcase their brand guidelines.

.Club (communities, sports teams and groups) 

Now more than ever, people are seeking a sense of belonging, be it a fan club, book club, or travel club. With this domain extension, you have the ability to own a whole market segment, take as an example. Let your mind run wild with the endless possibilities: do you like wine, sports, dancing, or reading? There’s a .club domain for you, just start thinking about what community you could build today. 

.NYC (for New Yorkers)

New York City is the city that never sleeps. It is also both the tech and fashion capital of the world. Businesses from all types of industry flock to this domain because it’s instant proof that they’re thriving in one of the most competitive markets in the world. For example, Fashionnovation ( is more about sustainable fashion than trending styles. Although it has the .nyc address, it markets itself as a global platform that connects the fashion industry via entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology, and diversity & inclusion. 

.US (for nationwide businesses and beyond) 

From local politicians running for reelection to conference call juggernaut, the .US domain also gives any visitor a sense of community. A .US site can serve as an online hub to share your story and gives fledgling entrepreneurs the opportunity to think globally and connect locally.

.FIT (for fitness enthusiasts) 

At a point in history where fitness and wellness topics are taking precedence, a .FIT web extension could bring the traffic you need to jumpstart your career. Personal trainers, new gyms, fitness studios, and nutritionists alike can reap the rewards from this emerging web domain. 

.Wedding (for brides, grooms and affianced couples)

The only web audience that is more engaged and enthusiastic than the fitness crowd are, of course, newly engaged couples. From wedding dresses and wedding venues to wedding decor and wedding registries, this domain can win from brides-to-be who are ready to plan their big day. 

No matter what kind of website you’re trying to launch, rest assured there is a domain out there that aligns with your business goals or mission. Be sure to pick a web address that works for you and helps you stand out from the crowd. Feeling inspired? Check out our specially curated list of domains for a great deal to get you started.