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.US is the domain for everyone with a dream, idea or business made for the USA. It captures the collective spirit of the nation, and also of its individual communities. After all, being American is about more than just where you’re from—it’s also a mindset. The United States was founded with a pioneering spirit, and today you’re part of that continuing legacy. Being on a .US conveys the highest standards of quality and identifies you as trustworthy, inspiring confidence in people who visit your site. The people you want to reach will know how much effort and heart you put into what you’re doing. Choosing a .US web address shows you’re committed to supporting the U.S. and celebrating American ingenuity.

Why choose .US?
  • .US inspires confidence: Being on a .US conveys that your business is a vital part of your community, and that inspires confidence in your customers.
  • .US celebrates American ingenuity: You come from a long line of American pioneers and inventors who worked to push us toward the next frontier. Being on a .US shows that you value that legacy and are working to continue it today.
  • .US is flexible: .US gives you the versatility to connect with people at the national level, as well as at a local level within specific communities.
  • .US is SEO-friendly: Get discovered more easily and increase your web traffic. Search engines tend to rank websites on a .US higher in searches done within the United States.
  • .US isn’t only for Americans: Available to any company with a bona fide presence in the United States or participating in the sale of goods or services to the USA, .US immediately associates your products and services with America, which conveys the highest standards of quality.
  • .US comes with support: Take advantage of the resources .US provides to make building and promoting your website easy and successful—from help choosing a name to tips for designing your site to analytics and measurement tools.

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Porkbun is the perfect solution! I easily transferred all my domains over and now I'm paying much less than with my former "market leader" registrar. The UI is clean and straightforward, and the few times I've had questions I received an immediate personal response!

Darin Grimes

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Keep your private contact information hidden from prying eyes with our whois privacy service. Most registrars charge for this service; we believe your privacy shouldn't come at a price.

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Security is important and that's why we offer Let's Encrypt SSL certificates at no charge for all domains. We'll even auto renew them for you!

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Create a beautiful website in hours with our Weebly-powered Site Builder, the easiest to use in the industry. First three months are free. No coding required!

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Manage all of your domains in one place. Transfer In, Transfer Out, or update multiple domains simultaneously.

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Whether you have one domain or one thousand, our domain management console is the simplest, and the best of any registrar we know of.

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Already built a site in Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly? No problem! Link your domain to a 3rd-party site builder with the click of a mouse.

URL Forwarding

Just need to quickly point your site somewhere else? Our URL Forwarder supports 302, 301, and masked forwards.

Email Forwarding

Receive from a custom address on your domain to give your online presence a professional feel.

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I like being able to work with a company that is responsive and there are actual people who are available to help, I’m not very tech savvy and it’s great to have a service-oriented URL registrar. Porkbun is also more cost effective than other registrars.

Drew Force

Signing up for my domain name through Porkbun was so easy; the website is uncluttered and easy to use. I designed my site through the free Weebly integration and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Laura Mock

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Based in Portland, Oregon, our team is ready to help you with any of your domain needs.

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Partnership Manager
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Digital Marketing Manager
Somehow magically gets people to come to our site.
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