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.Asia Domain Names: Endless Possibilities for Global Reach

Choosing the right domain name is the ideal way to reach the audience you want. With a .Asia domain name, you can reach all across the expansive continent of Asia as well as the global Asian community from wherever you are! A .Asia domain name stands out as unique and gives people an idea of what they can find on your site.

Want to capture the diversity and richness of Asian culture and share it with the world? From Asian stories and culture, to Asian food experiences, and travel adventures, .Asia domains provide endless possibilities.

As part of our celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, let’s explore some of the unique ways .Asia domain names are being used right now!

Why Choose a .Asia Domain Name?

Nobody understands the importance of choosing a domain name better than we do! So why choose a .Asia domain name for your website? 

💼 Business: .Asia domain names are perfect for any business whether you’re a brand new startup looking to establish your online presence or an experienced business owner looking to expand your reach. The .Asia domain offers a unique platform to connect with customers all across Asia and around the world.

🥟 Food: For the foodies out there, a .Asia domain name is a great way to share your favorites spots or promote your Asian restaurant. From vibrant street food vendors to upscale restaurants, the culinary world fits right in with .Asia domains as the perfect spot for sharing rich cultural heritage.

✈️ Travel: Love to travel? Get a .Asia domain name and share your adventures. Whether you’re an adventurer or a travel agent, a .Asia domain name is your ticket to all of Asia and beyond!

Websites Using .Asia Domain Names

The options for how to use your .Asia domain name are practically limitless, but we’re focusing on three key areas to inspire you: culture, food, and travel. These kinds of .Asia websites give you a good idea on just how versatile this domain extension really is!


Walkabout Asia embodies a strong commitment to inspiring and guiding visitors in experiencing Asia from a broader perspective. More than just a content brand, it represents a mission and a mindset aimed at showcasing the diversity, potential, and opportunities inherent in Asia. 

Through their platform, this site presents stories that offer a fresh viewpoint while embracing the cultural tapestry of Asia. They publish micro-documentaries to narrate simple yet compelling tales that captivate and resonate with viewers. Here, you’ll discover new knowledge, vibrant personalities, and uplifting narratives that demonstrate the versatility of these documentaries. 

It’s a whole new level of edutainment!


Bari-Uma Jr. is the second generation of the Bariuma legacy. While on a mission to expand the Bariuma restaurants globally, this restaurant’s founder began a culinary journey throughout Japan to savor various styles of ramen. It was there they were overcome with the desire to share their love and respect of Japanese ramen with a wider audience.

Bari-Uma Jr. distinguishes itself by offering a mild and delicate flavor profile in its pork-bone (tonkotsu) soup, giving patrons a rich, yet light, dining experience. They also have made a commitment to accessibility through affordable pricing to ensure more individuals can enjoy their authentic ramen creations.

With a story beginning in Japan, the current Bari-Uma Jr. restaurant is located in Manila, Philippines. This shows just how expansive your reach can be with a .Asia domain name!


Another perfect example of the incredible global reach of a .Asia domain name is DRiNK Magazine, Asia’s leading bar industry publication. Starting as a print magazine geared toward Mainland China and Hong Kong, DRiNK has evolved into the online voice of Asia’s vibrant bartender community over eight years.

The DRiNK magazine site covers a huge array of diverse content, including insights into new bars, clubs, and restaurants on the local and international level. They feature interviews with established industry leaders and emerging bartenders, as well as discussions on drink trends, products, and recipes shaping the regional landscape.


365Travel is another example of a .Asia domain name being used successfully. This company offers unparalleled travel experiences across Asia, offering unique tours as well as custom itinerary adventures. Whether you’re craving a beach retreat in Thailand, a cultural escapade in Japan, or a cruise down the Mekong River, this company curates personalized itineraries to suit every traveler’s preferences and needs.

With a focus on authenticity, flexibility, and exceptional service, ensures memorable journeys that transcend the ordinary, allowing travelers to uncover the essence of Asia in all its splendor. They’re showing a perfect way to use .Asia domain names to market Asian travel experiences to a global audience.


Angkor Cycling Tour is an exciting company bringing adventurers the opportunity to bike through the ancient wonders of Cambodia’s Angkor region. This website serves as a gateway to unforgettable cycling experiences, offering meticulously crafted tours that blend cultural immersion with outdoor exploration. From pedaling along temple-strewn pathways to encountering rural communities and scenic landscapes, Angkor Cycling Tour promises an exciting journey through one of Asia’s most iconic destinations.

Here, using a .Asia domain name not only describes where they’re located, but speaks to website visitors looking for Asian travel adventures.

Getting a .Asia Domain Name at Porkbun

Choosing a .Asia domain name is the gateway to the vibrant tapestry of Asian culture, cuisine, travel experiences, and so much more. With a distinct identity and versatility, .Asia domain names let you connect with global audiences, celebrate diversity, and showcase the richness of Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Don’t miss out on your chance to establish your online presence and expand your reach. Register a .Asia domain name at Porkbun and get started!