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Porkbun Hosting Review: Which Is Right For You?

When it comes to your website, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right hosting option to meet your needs. Web hosting is the server space you’re using to store your website files, images, and content. It’s like renting space on the Internet to store and display your website so people can access it using your domain name. 

Porkbun hosting options include popular choices like shared cPanel hosting and EasyWordPress (WordPress) hosting. For those looking for more code-centric web hosting options, we also offer static hosting and EasyPHP hosting solutions. Wanting to level up your social media? Take a look at Porkbun’s link in bio hosting option for that!

We’re giving you an all-in-one overview of the Porkbun hosting options you can choose from so you can compare and determine what’s right for you. Keep reading and, as always, give us a shout if you need some help!

Porkbun Hosting Options

Before we dive into each option individually, let’s get a quick reminder of the Porkbun hosting choices you have to choose from. As mentioned above, Porkbun is currently offering these web hosting solutions:

  1. Shared cPanel hosting
  2. Easy WordPress hosting
  3. Static hosting
  4. Easy PHP hosting
  5. Link in bio hosting

1. Shared cPanel Hosting

Shared cPanel hosting, sometimes referred to as “traditional hosting,” is a widely used web hosting solution aimed at making it easy for you to build and manage your websites. This type of hosting is ideal for those who prefer a familiar or graphical interface for website management.

A cPanel hosting plan might be ideal for people with experience using cPanel who want an easy way to deploy their site quickly using a graphical interface or who are looking for multi-site hosting options. Allowing you to host and manage X number of sites based on your plan.

Porkbun’s shared cPanel hosting stands out with its streamlined and simplified cPanel interface. This makes it even easier for users to navigate and manage their hosting account effectively. One of the standout features of Porkbun’s cPanel hosting is the inclusion of Softaculous Auto Installer. Softaculous is a robust auto-installer that houses a plethora of common Content Management Systems (CMS), making it incredibly easy to deploy platforms like WordPress and other popular CMS platforms with just a few clicks.

cPanel Hosting Summary

  • Ease of use: Ideal for those with experience using cPanel who want an easy way to deploy their site quickly using a graphical interface.
  • Multi-site hosting: Allows you to host and manage multiple sites based on your chosen plan, making it a versatile option for those with multiple websites.
  • Cost-effective: Shared cPanel hosting is sometimes a more economical option compared to other types of hosting depending on your needs.

2. Easy WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a very popular platform for creating websites. In fact, a reported 43.3% of all websites online are built on WordPress. The Easy WordPress hosting solution from Porkbun is designed to be the one-click solution for deploying your website.

One of the standout features of Porkbun’s Easy WordPress hosting is the provision of dedicated PHP processes. PHP is a scripting language that enables websites to be dynamic and load faster. By allocating dedicated PHP processes, Porkbun ensures that your site’s speed remains optimized, which in turn has a positive impact on SEO.

We also provide ample memory for your site to thrive. However, if you find that you need more resources, our Support team is available to assist you with any upgrades or adjustments you may require.

Easy WordPress Summary

  • Optimized performance: Dedicated PHP processes and ample memory ensure fast loading times and optimal site performance.
  • Multi-page site support: Ideal for businesses, activities, blogs, and news platforms that require multi-page sites.
  • Easy site-wide changes: With WordPress sites, changes to one section can be easily pulled and generated across the site, making it easier to implement sitewide updates quickly.
  • Caching plugins: Utilizing caching plugins can further increase site speed by pre-processing the PHP, making WordPress sites perform more like static sites.

3. Static Hosting

Static hosting from Porkbun is a web hosting solution that serves static web pages, which are web pages that are delivered to the user’s web browser exactly as stored, without any server-side processing. Unlike dynamic websites, which generate content on-the-fly, static websites are pre-built and remain unchanged unless manually updated. This makes static hosting ideal for those looking for a more code-centric experience building their site.

Porkbun’s static hosting option is a great choice for students who are learning or interested in coding, HTML, or using static site generators like Hugo or Dreamweaver. Static site generators are similar to WordPress but do not rely on PHP. Instead, they run on your local computer, allowing you to build your site locally and make all the necessary changes before deploying it to your hosting environment.

With Porkbun’s static hosting, deploying your site is a straightforward process. Once you’ve built your site locally, you can upload it to your hosting account using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) credentials provided by Porkbun. Alternatively, you can use a GitHub Repository as a middle manager, which can be beneficial for those looking to create multiple versions of their site and who may need to roll back changes in the future.

Static Hosting Summary

  • Learning and coding: Ideal for students learning coding and HTML, or those using static site generators like Hugo or Dreamweaver.
  • Simplified deployment: Build your site locally, make changes as needed, and deploy it to your hosting environment with ease using FTP or GitHub.
  • Version control: Using GitHub as a middle manager allows for easier version control, enabling you to roll back changes if necessary.
  • Ideal for simple sites: Static hosting is typically used for simpler sites that don’t require frequent updates, making it ideal for informational sites, personal sites, portfolios, and more.

4. Easy PHP Hosting

Easy PHP hosting is a specialized web hosting solution designed to support websites and applications built using the PHP programming language. PHP is a server-side scripting language commonly used for web development, allowing developers to create dynamic and interactive websites. It’s the most advanced of the Porkbun hosting options and is best for those who want full control over their website and have the technical skillset to completely customize every component of their site. Put more simply, it’s similar to having the level of control of a cPanel without the graphical interface. 

So who is Easy PHP hosting best for? This is a solid choice for students interested in web development, power users (experienced coders), or people who want a database for their site or to run PHP scripts.

Porkbun’s Easy PHP hosting offers dedicated PHP hosting that provides you with all the tools you need to create secure and high-performing custom PHP sites. With Porkbun, you can easily select between supported PHP versions, securely upload your files via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and store data in a MySQL database. Additionally, SSH (Secure Shell) access is available after passing a security screening, giving you greater control over your hosting environment.

Easy PHP Summary

  • Full control: Ideal for those who want full control over their website and are able to customize every component without the graphical interface of cPanel using their technical skills.
  • Customization: Offers the level of control of a cPanel but with the flexibility to completely customize your site.
  • Great for web development students: A solid choice for students interested in web development, providing them with the tools and resources to practice and develop their skills.
  • Power users and experienced coders: Easy PHP hosting is also a good choice for power users (experienced coders) who require advanced features and customization options.
  • Database support: Ideal for those who need a database for their site or wish to run PHP scripts, allowing for greater functionality and interactivity.

5. Link In Bio Hosting

Porkbun’s link in bio hosting option is designed to provide a seamless and customizable solution for social media content creators looking to manage all their links in one spot. If you’re a social media influencer, content creator, or anyone who needs to share multiple links in your bio, it’s the ideal tool for you! 

Unlike using Linktree or other solutions, Porkbun’s link in bio hosting has you using a custom domain name for your link in bio. This keeps it clear, short, and memorable. Ditch the long backslash and show exactly who you are with a shorter URL.

This hosting option also comes with a wide array of capabilities to create exactly what you want.

Our link in bio hosting lets you:

  • Share your latest content
  • Customize themes and colors to fit your vibe
  • Password protect links for premium content
  • Embed Spotify, YouTube, and more
  • Add sensitive content warnings or age-restrict links
  • Use mailing list integration
  • Get a free SSL certificate while hosting your link in bio on a custom domain name
  • …and so much more!

Link In Bio Hosting Summary

  • Short and memorable: Ditch the long backslash and make your link in bio stand out so people know exactly what to expect when they click on it.
  • Link in bio bundle: Don’t have a domain name yet? Choose from participating domain extensions and save with the Porkbun link in bio bundle deal.
  • Tons of features and customizations: The Porkbun link in bio tool gives you complete control over your link in bio page to have it function exactly the way you need.

Porkbun offers a variety of web hosting options to meet your needs. From shared cPanel hosting to make managing multiple sites easier, to Easy WordPress for those looking to launch their WordPress site with one click, and more, there’s an option for customers of all experience and skill levels. You don’t have to be a tech genius to make the most of our web hosting plans!

We make it easy for anyone to get their website up and running quickly and efficiently. Plus there’s no need to worry, as all our hosting is backed by our incredible Support team 365 days a year. Let’s get started with your web hosting now!