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Live Chat With Porkbun

Have you ever been browsing a company’s website and want to ask a question, but you don’t really want to talk on the phone? And, instead of writing an email that might take a day to get an answer, you would like a way to get more prompt feedback? To accommodate this, Porkbun is pleased to announce that we now offer live chat support on our website, This post discusses briefly how our chat system works and what it means for you going forward.

Speedy Responses For You

With Porkbun Live Chat, the phrase “Convenience is King” has never been more true. If you want to ask our Porkbun Support Team a question, you still can call us at +1 855.767.5286 or send an email to But if either of those options aren’t ideal for you, there are some benefits to using Porkbun chat, namely:

  • Short Wait Times
    • On average, the wait time to get a response via Porkbun Live Chat is 1 minute or less.
  • Question Answered During The Conversation
    • Unlike email, where you might have some back and forth while the team gathers information about your inquiry, live chat is able to get to the heart of the matter.
  • Save Your Conversation For The Future
    • With Porkbun Live Chat, you will receive an automated email with the transcript of your chat conversation so you can save it for future use. This way, if you’re discussing technical details that you forget, you can always refer back to that conversation without having to explain your inquiry again.
  • You Can Multi-Task
    • Unlike being on the phone, you can have other screens open and or be doing something else whilst discussing your inquiry.

Porkbun Chat: How It Works…

First, you’ll notice that we added a “Help” button in the lower right-hand corner of our website. It is visible on every page of our website, so if you have a specific question and you happen to be on a different page than the homepage, you can always access the help button.

Click the “Help” button and a pop up window will show you helpful articles that may address what you’re looking for. If you can’t instantly find what you’re looking for, click “Get in touch” to choose how you want to contact us.

Next, you’ll see two options: Message and Chat. Message is the same functionality we had before where you can drop us a note about your inquiry and we will respond within a few hours. But now, you can also Chat with us in real time by clicking the Chat button on the right.

Within moments, you will be chatting with a Porkbun Support Team member. The cool thing about this particular chat module, is that you can upload images or screenshots of what’s on your screen to further elucidate your inquiry. Depending on what you need, sometimes our team can share links to YouTube Video tutorials or Knowledge Base Articles that will walk you through how to solve your issue.

Saves You Time

In a world of electronic equipment and technology we are used to instant feedback. And we’ve come to expect the same level of responsiveness from companies and support departments. This new chat option saves you time so that you can get the answers you need, quickly.

Browse our Domain Name Options and get in touch with us! Chances are we have a domain name extension that matches what you do.