5 Benefits of Keeping Your Web Hosting and Domain Name Together

Establishing your online presence, whether it’s for your company or yourself, means having a strong website that will attract visitors and share with them what you’re doing. You can’t be the talk of the trough if no one is able to find you! That’s where domain and hosting services come into play.

So what about the debate on whether or not you should keep web hosting and domain names separate or together with one company? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading as we discuss what these two are (for folks who aren’t quite sure), what your options are, and the benefits of keeping domain and hosting services together. We aren’t just oinking around — times have changed and we want you to have the best experience possible! See what’s new with web hosting and domain names.

If you haven’t checked out our discussion on having a website vs social media only, you can peep that next to get a better understanding of how the two should work together to optimize your online visibility.

What Is Web Hosting vs Domain Registration?

Before we dive into the benefits of keeping your web hosting and domain name together, let’s make sure you’ve got a firm grip on what each of these is. While they are distinct services, they work together to bring your website to life on the internet.

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is the server space you’re using to store your website files, images, and content. Think of web hosting as the physical location where your website lives, allowing users to access it anytime, anywhere via your domain name.

There are many different types of web hosting services including popular choices like shared cPanel hosting and EasyWordPress (WordPress) hosting here at Porkbun. For those looking for more code-centric web hosting options, we also offer static hosting and EasyPHP hosting solutions.

Domain Registration

On the other hand, domain registration refers to the process of securing a unique web address, called a domain name, for your website. If web hosting is the place where your site lives, the domain name is its address.

When you register a domain name, you essentially purchase the rights to use that specific web address for a specified period, typically on an annual basis. You can register domain names for up to 10 years maximum at any given time, which is a great way to save on potential future domain renewal price increases.

The most important thing to know about domains and hosting is that they work together. Without both of these pieces working together, your website won’t resolve properly and people will be unable to visit it.

Can I Buy a Domain and Host It Somewhere Else?

Should you keep your web hosting and domain name together with one company? In days of yore (oh yes, we said yore) it was a common recommendation by those in the know that keeping your domain and hosting separate was ideal.

But why was that?

This approach was often considered as a precautionary measure, primarily due to the fact that many domain registrars at the time were primarily focused on domain name registration, with web hosting services being more of an afterthought.

So what about now?

What’s the good news? There’s no real reason to separate your domain and website hosting anymore! The advancements of the tech industry — especially with domain name registrars like Porkbun — have made keeping them apart a thing of the past. Today’s modern domain registrar has evolved to offer comprehensive web hosting solutions that are on par with or even superior to specialized hosting providers.

Keeping web hosting and domain names separate can lead to unnecessary complications since managing two separate accounts for billing, support, and technical configurations can be difficult for streamlining your experience and is inefficient overall. Consolidating your domain and website hosting with one provider allows for easier management, seamless integration, and better support.

What’s the final word?

There’s no longer an overly compelling reason to keep web hosting and domain names separate, and doing so may actually give you a big headache.

Benefits of Keeping Web Hosting and Domain Names Together

Okay great, now you get it and you want to choose Porkbun for domain name registration and web hosting services (we’re thinking positively — welcome aboard!). What are the benefits of doing so?

Glad you asked! Check out some of the benefits of keeping your web hosting and domain name together below:

  1. Convenience
  2. Cost savings
  3. Streamlined customer support
  4. Easier DNS management
  5. One reliable company

1. Convenience

Managing your web hosting and domain name registrations through a single provider like Porkbun is just far more convenient! With only one account to manage and a single billing relationship to maintain, you can streamline your administrative tasks and cut down on the number of login credentials you have to keep track of. Furthermore, advanced security measures like two-factor authentication combined with fewer accounts reduces the number of potential weak points in your online security.

Keeping your domain and website hosting together also simplifies the process of renewing services, updating account information, and managing subscriptions, saving you both time and effort.

2. Cost Savings

Another of the significant advantages of keeping your web hosting and domain names together is potential cost savings. For example, Porkbun offers free web hosting trials with all domain name registrations (plus a bunch of other free domain features to check out after this). This gives you the perfect opportunity to try out our web hosting solutions and determine which is best for your needs.

There may also be some first-year savings such as the Porkbun link in bio hosting bundle, keeping costs down while you get started with your new services.

3. Streamlined Customer Support

One of the things that puts Porkbun ahead of the rest (check out how we were named the #1 domain registrar by USA Today for 2023 and 2024!) is our commitment to provide five-star personalized customer support 365 days a year. This adds to the benefits of keeping your domain and hosting services together in one spot.

When you have both services with the same provider (like us 🐷), the support team has access to all your account details and configurations. This comprehensive view enables them to provide more efficient and effective assistance should you encounter any issues or require technical support.

4. Easier DNS Management

DNS management can be a complex and technical aspect of maintaining a website. When you keep your web hosting and domain name together, the nameservers are usually automatically set up correctly. This automatic configuration eliminates the need for manual DNS adjustments, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring smooth website operation.

5. One Reliable Company

Last but not least, choosing to keep your web hosting and domain name together allows you to rely on a single trusted company for everything you need to stay online. Instead of juggling relationships with two separate providers, you can build a strong, long-term partnership with one reputable company, and we put our focus on making that relationship the best possible experience for you.

So, while it’s entirely possible to purchase a domain and host it elsewhere, consolidating your domain and hosting services with a single provider provides you with many advantages you won’t experience if they’re separated. From convenience and cost savings to better customer support and easier DNS management, keeping your web hosting and domain name together is a sure way to have a better overall experience whether you’re launching a new website or looking to streamline your existing online presence.