Free Porkbun Domain Features for Every Domain

OINK! Did you know about all the freebies that Porkbun domains come with? From features like free SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy to web and email hosting trials, we love it when we exceed your expectations and give you the best experience possible.

To stay the best, we offer the best. Check out all the free features that come with Porkbun domains and learn why we’re the best domain registrar for you.

Why Do You Give Things Away For Free?

Sounds like we’ve gone hog wild and pig crazy, right? Sure, we’re a business, but our focus is on bringing the best value and quality for our customers, not trying to nickel and dime them for every little thing. The way we see it, why pay for things that should be free, right?

We don’t just walk the walk, we talk the talk (dare we say oink the oink?). Not only do we give away free features like Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, URL forwarding, and hosting trials, but we don’t jack up our prices to make up for them, either! Unlike some other registrars or site builders who promise low-priced or free domains then drastically increase the price upon renewal, we’re committed to giving you the best while keeping prices low and support quality high.

Need more proof? USA Today named Porkbun the #1 domain registrar for 2023 and 2024!

Free Features With Porkbun Domains

So…what are all these pig-nificent freebies we’re talking about? Come take a look and see what makes Porkbun the best domain name registrar with a focus on you. With a Porkbun domain name, you can achieve all your goals and boost your online presence.

Every Porkbun domain name comes with these free features:

  1. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  2. WHOIS privacy
  3. URL forwarding
  4. Email forwarding
  5. DNS management
  6. Web hosting and email hosting trials

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1. Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

One of the features that makes Porkbun the best domain registrar for you is a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with every domain name purchase. Website security is vital to protect yourself and your customers. An SSL certificate shows your website visitors it’s safe to use your site.

Every Porkbun domain comes with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that will renew automatically if you’re using Porkbun as your DNS provider. Better yet, if your site is hosted with us, you don’t have to do anything at all as your free SSL certificate will generate and install automatically!

If you aren’t hosting your site with us, we’re bummed, but we’ve still got you covered with the freebies! You can still get your free Porkbun SSL certificate from us as long as you are using our nameservers.

Every Porkbun SSL certificate is: 

  • Supported by all major browsers
  • Automatically validated and created
  • Valid for 90 days at a time
  • Zero maintenance for Porkbun shared hosting and site builder customers

We were the first registrar to use Let’s Encrypt to offer our customers free SSL certificates, so we’re proud to have led the way in excellent service for our customers.

2. WHOIS Privacy

In a commitment to safeguarding your online identity, Porkbun WHOIS privacy is also free with every domain name purchase. While this is becoming a more standard practice across the industry, we’re proud to have started the trend! Again, why pay for things that should be free? And what’s more essential than protecting your private information?

WHOIS privacy acts as a protective shield, hiding your personal contact information from the publicly searchable database of domains. This added layer of security minimizes the risk of spam, unwanted solicitations, and potential privacy breaches.

Free Porkbun WHOIS privacy is automatically applied on all domain extensions that support or allow this feature. Porkbun’s dedication to enhancing user privacy puts our focus on your experience, ensuring that your personal information remains confidential.

For more information on which domain extensions may not support this feature, please see our WHOIS privacy page. You can also see our Knowledge Base article on how to configure WHOIS privacy service at Porkbun for more info about this feature!

3. URL Forwarding

We understand the importance of directing visitors to your website with ease. That’s why URL forwarding is free with every Porkbun domain purchase, too.

With our free URL forwarding service, you can effortlessly redirect your domain to any other URL of your choice. Whether you’re rebranding, updating your website, or managing multiple online spaces, Porkbun URL forwarding ensures a smooth transition for your audience.

Our URL forwarding supports SSL and allows both temporary redirects (302 / 307) and permanent redirects (301). We also allow you to include the URI path in the redirection, helping with site migrations over to new domains without losing SEO and traffic from existing links!

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4. Email Forwarding

Just when you thought the freebies couldn’t keep coming, we’ve gone and outdone ourselves. Why stop at URL forwarding when we can offer our customers free email forwarding with every domain name purchase, too? This feature allows you to create custom email addresses associated with your domain and forward them to your existing email accounts. For example, if you currently use you can forward sally@newdomain.tld to it.

The practicality of email forwarding ensures a professional communication strategy without the need for additional costs. Porkbun email forwarding allows for up to 20 free email forwards.

5. DNS Management

Here at Porbun, we’re also giving you another valuable feature with every domain name purchase – free DNS management. With access to our user-friendly DNS management console, you have the flexibility to host your domain on Porkbun’s nameservers and create custom DNS records. This level of control gives you a seamless integration of your domain with various services. 

Offering free DNS management reflects our dedication to giving users the best experience possible. Check out our DNS management page to see supported DNS record types.

6. Free Web Hosting and Email Hosting Trials

We’ve even taken the domain registration experience up another notch by providing free web hosting trials and email hosting trials with every domain purchase. These trials offer you an opportunity to explore Porkbun’s hosting options and get a firsthand feel for the features and capabilities they provide. It’s the perfect chance to assess how Porkbun’s hosting services meet your needs whether you’re running a personal blog, an e-commerce platform, or anything in between.

With our free Porkbun hosting trials, we’re making sure our customers feel they’re making informed decisions about their hosting requirements instead of trying to upsell you on everything.

Our commitment to putting our customers’ needs first is shown through our low prices, powerful products, and incredible personalized support. We want you to love using Porkbun as your domain registrar so we’re happy to include all these free features with every domain name registration! Get started with Porkbun and see the difference we make for your online journey.