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So easy a cavepig can do it.

We've partnered with Weebly to bring you a powerful website builder that allows you to create powerful and professional sites with dynamic and easy to use drag & drop tools. With nothing to install or upgrade you're free to focus on the important stuff.

FREE 3 Month Trial
then as low as $3 / month

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Up and running in seconds!

A third of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. We've built a dedicated WordPress hosting environment from the ground up, with security and performance as our number one priority. If you want WordPress, you want Easy WordPress.

FREE 15 Day Trial
then as low as $10 / month

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Fast, simple, and secure.

If you need to host static content such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc; our blazing fast static hosting service is a perfect affordable solution for your needs. Static hosting is great for simple websites, content that changes infrequently, or custom built HTML sites. You can also connect your static hosting account to a GitHub repo for automated updates!

FREE 15 Day Trial
then as low as $2 / month

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Everything plus the kitchen sink.

If you're looking for a more generic shared hosting plan then cPanel might be for you. While not specifically designed for a particular type of website, it's a good option if you want to install a prebuilt or custom PHP site.

As low as $10 / month

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