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Get Your Domain & Link In Bio Bundle at Porkbun!

As a social media content creator, you need a link in bio that lets you bring links to all your platforms to one place and connects you to your followers. Here at Porkbun, we’ve got the perfect tool for you — our custom domain and link in bio bundle! It’s an all-in-one solution for managing links and building your digital brand.

Peep these deets: For just $5 for the first year, you'll get a custom domain name* AND our powerful Porkbun Link In Bio tool! That’s less than your morning iced coffee! 🥤

After the first year, your domain name and Link In Bio hosting will renew separately at their regular rates. You can also always renew your domain early to lock in your annual rate. We’re all about pricing transparency! 😎

*Participating domain extensions only: .bio and .link

What's Included In Your
Porkbun Link-In-Bio Bundle? 🤔

1️⃣ Your custom domain name

Share your latest content all from one place with a custom domain name that's as unique as you are! Using a custom domain name for your link in bio vs Linktree or other tools keeps it clear, short, and memorable. Ditch the long backslash and show exactly who you are with a shorter URL.

2️⃣ Porkbun link in bio tool

Use your new domain name with the Porkbun link in bio tool to create the perfect spot for all your links. Our link in bio hosting lets you:

  • Share your latest content
  • Customize themes and colors to fit your vibe
  • Password protect links for premium content
  • Embed Spotify, YouTube, and more
  • Add sensitive content warnings or age-restrict links
  • Use mailing list integration
  • Get a free SSL certificate while hosting your link in bio on a custom domain name
  • …and so much more!

Get your domain name and Porkbun’s Link In Bio tool together
now for just $5 for the first year!

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