Free DNS Management

Powered by Cloudflare

With our DNS management powered by Cloudflare you are able to host your domain on our nameservers and create custom DNS records for your domain. This is often a requirement when you wish to use third party web hosting or email solutions. Since we use Cloudflare as our backend DNS provider, you can rest assured that your site is using the industry's largest and most robust DNS infrastructure in the world.

Supported DNS Record Types

  • A - Address record
  • MX - Mail exchange record
  • CNAME - Canonical name record
  • ALIAS - CNAME flattening record
  • TXT - Text record
  • NS - Name server record
  • AAAA - IPv6 address record
  • SRV - Service record
  • TLSA - TLS Authentication Record
  • CAA - Certification Authority Authorization
  • HTTPS - HTTPS Service Record
  • SVCB - Service Binding Record

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