We are unfortunately experiencing issues with the .in registry and are currently unable to register, renew, or transfer .in domains. We are hoping to resolve the issue shortly and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

URL Forwarding

With URL forwarding you can redirect your new domain to an existing website. Our URL forwarding supports SSL and allows both temporary (302 / 307) and permanent (301) redirects. We also allow you to include the URI path in the redirection, helping with site migrations over to new domains without losing SEO and traffic from existing links.

A temporary redirect, also known as an HTTP 302 or 307 redirect, is used to tell web browsers and other clients that the current request should go to the new URL but any future request should still go to the original URL to make sure it's still being redirected.

A permanent redirect, also known as an HTTP 301 redirect, is used to tell web browsers and other clients that all future requests for the URL should go to the new URL. This is meant to be permanent; only use it if you are certain you will not want to redirect or use the URL in another way in the future.

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