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.gay is a dedicated namespace for people in LGBTQ+ communities to engage online. With donations that support LGBTQ+ nonprofits and the strongest anti-hate policies in the industry, .gay’s people-first approach is helping to make the internet a safer and more welcoming place.


To celebrate Valentine’s Day and share the .gay love, we’re giving away a limited number of FREE .gay domains! Just search for the .gay name you want, add it to your cart, and check out with the coupon code DOTGAYVDAY to get your first year of .gay registration completely free.

Your free .gay domain also includes all the perks: free WHOIS Privacy, free SSL Certificate, a free hosting trial, and a free email trial.

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.gay is the first and only domain extension to fund nonprofit LGBTQ+ organizations. 20% of all new registration revenue is donated to beneficiary partners GLAAD and CenterLink, which offer vital tools and life-saving services to LGBTQ+ communities.

The .gay Rights Protections Policy goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure that .gay remains an LGBTQ+ friendly space. .gay is the first and only domain extension to ban hateful content and recognized hate groups, while proactively taking down domains associated with verified reports of anti-LGBTQ+ or hateful content.

If you’re coming to a site that ends in .gay, you’re looking at a person, organization, or business that supports queer and trans people.


Whether you’re an LGBTQ+ person, business, brand, or supportive ally, all are welcome in the .gay namespace.

In addition to demonstrating Pride and acceptance, simply registering your .gay name helps fulfill .gay's vision of a safer and more welcoming internet.

'Having a .gay domain is a quick way to display proudly who I am, what is important to me, and what you're going to see on my site even if you know nothing else about me.' Acacia, they/them, www.Acacia.gay
'Using the .gay domain feels validating because it helps improve visibility for LGBTQ people, which is the best way to show the world that we’re here to stay!' Effy, he/him, www.WrestlingIs.gay
'We're a media outlet focused solely on accessibility in the games industry. I registered CanIPlayThat.gay to show that queer people are (and always have been) a central part of our community.' Courtney Craven, they/them, www.CanIPlayThat.gay


To learn even more, explore featured sites, and watch .gay’s entertaining and informative series The Library, visit ww.OhHey.gay.

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