There are no refunds on Handshake domains. No exceptions. Don't even ask. Seriously.

experimental, permissionless, decentralized

Handshake is an experimental and permissionless naming protocol that uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized root zone, as opposed to a centralized root zone regulated by ICANN. You can read more about the Handshake protocol at

Because Handshake domain names do not use the same root zone as other domains on the internet they do not currently resolve like normal domains, they require special browser plugins or network configurations. Furthermore, Porkbun services such as email and SSL certificate generation don't work on Handshake domains. You can read more about how to access Handshake domains here.

The Handshake extensions (TLDs) we currently offer are: 1, 247, 3dom, api, articles, c, defi, degen, dookie, fam, ism, ize, js, onlinenews, owbo, pal, sats, startup, tx, txt, use, visit, vrmmo, xr, yo, yzx, zen. There are a lot of Handshake TLDs, if there's one we do not currently offer that you are interested in let us know.

Want to host a Handshake TLD on Porkbun? Checkout our knowledge base article: How to host Handshake TLDs on Porkbun, including subdomains.

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