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No Refunds, No Exceptions, Don't Even Ask, Seriously

Handshake is an experimental and permissionless naming protocol that uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized root zone, as opposed to a centralized root zone regulated by ICANN. You can read more about the Handshake protocol at handshake.org

There are no guarantees with Handshake names. You may not be able to renew Handshake names upon expiration and there's a chance that the TLD you purchase the domain on top of could stop functioning prior to expiration.

Because Handshake names do not use the same root zone as other domains on the internet they do not currently, and may never, resolve like normal domains. These names require special browser plugins or network configurations. Furthermore, Porkbun services such as email, SSL certificate generation, and others don't work on Handshake names.

With Handshake names there is an inherent risk of collision with names on other blockchains, other naming technology, and with ICANN regulated domains. There are no guarantees that the Handshake names you purchase are unique or that they will not collide now or in the future.

While you're here, you can read more about how to access Handshake names. You can also try out Beacon or Aloha, browsers that support Handshake names. Want to own your own Handshake TLD? Visit namebase.

The Handshake extensions (TLDs) we currently offer are:

0z, 0zebra, 0zero, 0zone, 0zoo, 1, 35, 49, 77, 247, 3dom, 420247, 4sale, 666888, 80proof, 8kb, a2, aby, airdrop, airy, aj, ak, ane, anytime, aotearoa, api, appt, area, areas, ark, articles, aspect, aware, beach, best-selling, bestaltcoin, bills, biometric, bop, boredapes, bpm, brand, breaker, c, c0m, catgirl, charge, chic, coming, consultancy, cov, cracker, crap, cuba, cycle, dan, dd, defi, degen, den, devlog, diva, dn, doge, dogecoin, dojo, dookie, ds, dw3, dweb, dy, eak, ela, ep, estates, ext, ez, fam, fcb, fcl, fd, fe, follow, foreigners, friendly, fullon, fundraising, fw, gad, gains, gamestudio, gators, ger, goatrance, gon, goodie, goody, graduate, guidance, gul, hairtransplant, hire, hits, hnm, holders, holding, ib, ide, ik, imm, innovator, ior, island, ism, iw, ize, ja, job, js, kdd, keys, kl, ks, kv, lawexpert, lawsuit, lean, legendary, lli, lo, longhorns, lulz, lz, mamak, mansion, matching, ment, ments, ming, montage, moonkid, moons, mrly, mtl, nah, nfts, nouns, ob, od, og, onlinenews, oof, ost, ostberlin, ot, owbo, pal, payoff, performer, petlover, petsupply, pharma, picture, places, plug-in, policeman, ports, posting, project, proofs, proudly, psytrance, pun, pv, qn, qth, rd, reach, readings, recorder, remember, researcher, reseller, resources, rim, risk, rl, rmx, rn, runner, rust, saf, sales, sats, savory, say, scam, schooling, secrets, settings, sey, shark, shortcut, shot, sig, signals, snyder, spooky, ssl, startup, streetcredit, suh, tar, tears, techno, teck, ter, tilt, tni, token, traction, trekking, tricks, troll, tx, txt, uch, ud, ue, unit, universe, ur, use, ush, viewer, visit, visualization, vitamin, vlog, vrmmo, vvip, wala, wave, wc, we3, web5, webdesigner, websites, westernaustralia, wh, won, workshop, workspace, wq, wr, wwwroot, xad, b‍t‍c‍❤, , e‍t‍h‍❤, 🆄, t‍ü, xof, xp, xr, y, yb, yo, yon, yxz, yzx, z, zen, zp.

download beacon, a browser for the decentralized internet

Download Beacon, a browser
for the decentralized internet.

download Aloha a private and secure mobile browser that supports Handshake

Download Aloha, a private
and secure mobile browser.

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