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Prepare Your Domain For Transfer

Okay, first things first, if you've never transferred a domain before you may want to read our knowledge base article on the subject: How to Transfer a Domain to Porkbun From Any Registrar. We also have articles on how to transfer from specific registrars: Other Articles on how to Transfer a Domain.

Check Timing

Make sure your domain has been registered with the current registrar for at least 60 days. Some less honorable registrars might also impose a 60 day lock after the change of registrant, although they may allow you to opt out of this.

Email Access

Make sure that you have access to the registrant and / or administrative email address for the domain. In some situations we may send a transfer authorization email to this address.

Unlock It

Make sure the domain is unlocked at your current registrar. Different registrars might use different names for this such as "security lock", "domain lock", "transfer lock", etc. If your domain is locked, it will delay the transfer.

Get Auth Code

To transfer a domain you'll need its auth code. You will get this from your current registrar and they might call it the "authorization code", "transfer code", "auth code", or some other name. They are required to give you this code and allow you to transfer away.

What to Expect when You're Expecting...
a Transfer

Check Your Email

Your current registrar and / or us may send you an email. It's important to confirm and accept the transfer.

Waiting Game

The complete process can take less than a day and not generally more than eight days.

Great Success

Once the transfer is complete the domain will be inserted into your account and we'll send you an email letting you know.


The domain's nameservers will remain the same as they were with your old registrar. If you're using your registrar's nameservers, be aware that some will immediately disable DNS and therefore break any websites, email hosting, and other services attached to it.

Contact Information

The domain's contact info will generally remain the same as at your old registrar. If we are unable to properly query your current registrar's WHOIS server we may set the contacts to the defaults in your account.

Pricing and Renewal

Looking for transfer pricing? Check out our domain pricing page. All transfers of gTLD domain names include a one year renewal of the domain unless the domain is inside the auto renew grace period. Country code TLDs can be wonky, see below.

Warnings, Exceptions, and other Wonkiness

.wtf Porkbun

Some Registrars Will Break Your Domain

If you are using your current registrar's name servers, some will disable your DNS after transferring so you may need to preconfigure DNS on our side first. To do so, please read the knowledge base article "How to transfer a domain to Porkbun with little to no DNS downtime". If you are using third party nameservers not offered through your registrar you should be fine.

No Renewal For You

A lot of country code TLDs play by their own rules. The following TLDs do not offer a free renewal as part of a transfer: ai,,,,, uk,,,, de, la, cx, ph,,,

These TLD's Make No Sense

Other country codes are straight up weird and will delete any amount of registration term over one year. These TLDs only carry over a maximum of one years' worth of registration: nl, de.

.UK Is Special

Domains in the .uk family do things their own way and have a special transfer process. Read more info about how to transfer in a domain from the .uk family.

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