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Celebrate Pride with .gay Domains and Porkbun

June is Pride Month! Porkbun and .gay are joining forces to show their support for LGBTQ+ communities by offering FREE .gay domain names throughout June and partnering with influential LGBTQ+ voices to share their stories of personal pride.

Show your support for LGBTQ+ communities around the globe by registering your own FREE .gay domain today — And don’t forget to check out the inspiring stories shared by our partners below. #ShowYourPride

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La Perra y El Cari

"A gritos pedimos nuestros derechos ya que en silencio nos los arrebataron."

Jordan Underwood

"It's important to show young queer folks that they can grow up to be happy, fulfilled adults and that they don't have to dull their shine for anyone. Especially as queer folks in non-normative bodies (fat, disabled, etc.) that don't meet the queer standards of beauty."

Josh Rimer

"Pride is about celebrating every aspect of our community and the ability to openly be myself. To love who I love and support others to love who they love. For people to be accepted, welcomed, and included no matter what their differences may be."

Jessica Steward

"PRIDE means staying true to yourself, no matter what. Despite the news, the hateful comments, anti-trans and anti-LGBTQIA legislation being proposed and passed. It also means fighting for everyone's right to live and be loved."

Gad Yola

"Estamos todos en el Pride, yo quiero chingar con un chico que no exotice, que no joda, ni me pise."

Kya Perry

"As a loud and proud black lesbian that is constantly overlooked by brands discredited and paid less than their counterpart, it’s important for me to be even still, unapologetic creative, unapologetically queer, and unapologetic me."

Frankie Cena

"Pride is a celebration, yes, but it's also a protest, a call to action, a moment of reflection, and an expression of hope for a future where everyone, no matter who they are or who they love, can live with dignity, respect, and freedom."

Addison Rose Vincent

"Pride is an annual reminder of the strength and perseverance of our community."

Rachel Paulson

"Pride is a world that shows me it’s ok to be myself in any space, and that I feel so proud to be myself- I didn’t always feel this way, and it feels so amazing to be able to be proud now! Be yourself and be who you are."

Joseph Sheperd

"Pride to me is being proud of who I am as an individual while also working hard to teach allies and nonsupporters who we are and what being LGBTQIA+ is about."

Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga

"Pride is a protest and celebration. It is standing up for our rights and also celebrating that we are an amazing community that supports one another no matter what adversity we face."

Why We Celebrate Pride

LGBTQ+ communities celebrate Pride in June to coincide with the catalyst of the Gay Liberation Movement – the Stonewall Uprising. In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, police raided a popular gay bar in N.Y.C.'s West Village, The Stonewall Inn. This was commonplace for the time, but on this particular evening, the patrons of the bar fought back, starting the Stonewall Riots, which went on for days.

On June 28th, 1970, exactly one year after the uprising, LGBTQ+ communities joined together to honor the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. On this “Gay Liberation Day,” they marched proudly up New York City’s Sixth Avenue to Central Park. With each step, banners held high, they proclaimed that “Gay is Good” — and stood together to denounce prejudice, persecution, bigotry, and hate. Thus, the modern Pride Parade was born.

Now years later, and in the same spirit of that momentous first march, we are proudly providing a new way to Show Your Pride with the .gay domain alongside George Takei, Roxane Gay, Adam Lambert, Willow Pill, Chris Mosier, CenterLink Member Centers – and each of you, fighting back against hate and bigotry, and demanding respect for all LGBTQ+ people at every turn.

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