The Porkbun Privacy Policy

This agreement is effective February 1, 2021.


Porkbun is committed to keeping your private data private. Thus, we only collect your personal data as we need it to provide our products and services, and for the fulfillment of our contracts and record-keeping requirements. The Porkbun Privacy Policy details the types of information we collect from you, how we collect the data, how we use it, and how you can control your personal data

What do we mean by personal data? Well, some examples of data we collect include your name, your address information, and credit card, password… really any data that could be used to identify you.        

There’s a lot of information provided in this document, so we understand if it’s a lot to take in. If you have questions, please contact our privacy department by emailing us at We actively monitor this inbox.

When we collect your private data

Data you provide

We typically collect private data collected from you when you voluntarily provide it to us, for instance, when you:

Other data associated with your account

We also collect and store personal information in less-obvious ways in order to provide our products and services. These include:

Data offered by your web browser

We also utilize information freely offered by your web browser such as:


Like many websites, we use "cookies." Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that Porkbun and its partners transfer to your computer's hard drive through your web browser to enable our respective systems to recognize your browser. We and our partners use persistent, identifying cookies to remember your information and to link your activities to you as well as temporary cookies. While you can take steps to turn off, block or disable cookies, if you do, Porkbun may not function and appear as we have designed it. Nonetheless, if you want to take these steps, you can do so by following the instructions associated with your browser. Our cookies and the cookies collected and stored by our trusted partners are used for purposes that include:

Your IP address

The IP address of your computer is recorded and used for several purposes including:

Supplemental data

Supplemental data may be received about you from data taken from public sources and other sources such as companies we have paid, and other trusted partners, using data we have already collected about you. We use this data to detect fraud, detect account intrusion, and to better deliver products and services. For example: we determine your location data from based on your IP address for security purposes.

What we do with your collected data

Porkbun seeks to reduce the amount of data we collect, and limit its use to situations where we have been granted permission to collect the data.

We pledge to use this data solely in order to provide, improve, and optimize our products and services, to fulfill contracts, record-keeping, or regulatory obligations, or as required by a law enforcement agency, lawful order, or as required or permitted for other lawful purposes. Here’s how we use the data:

Providing and improving products and services

Sharing with trusted third parties

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information unless we provide you with advance notice, except as specifically described in this Privacy Policy.

We may provide your personally identifiable information to third-party vendors, including Website hosting partners, payment processing partners, advertising agency partners, and other parties who assist us in operating our Website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.

We utilize trusted third parties and contractors to provide our products and services and we may share your personal data with them, for instance:

If we collect information from you in connection with a co-branded offer with one of our trusted partners, we’ll make sure we make it clear which partner’s privacy policy applies.

You can always review, update or change personal information from within your account. Porkbun will also, when you request, provide you with information about whether we hold, or process on behalf of a third party, any of your personal information. We will respond to your access request to review the information we have on file for you within a reasonable time. If you believe your personal information has been submitted to us without your permission, please contact

If you connect to us from outside the country in which our servers, a partner’s servers, or a member of our staff are currently located, your data will pass across international borders. If you are located outside of the United States, you should know that the information you provide to us is being transmitted to us and processed in the United States and will be protected subject to this Privacy Policy and United States laws, which may not be as protective as the laws in your country.

Sharing via WHOIS, with registries, and data escrow providers

WHOIS is a distributed database of all domains. The WHOIS system allows varying levels of public access. WHOIS can be used to list private contact information related to a domain. Porkbun won't publish any of your personal information in WHOIS unless you give us explicit permission to do so, or we are required to do so by the policies of a given registry, for instance: .us, .fans, .nyc, and .am. In instances where your data is required to be publicly shared by a registry, we will make it clear at the point of purchase.

We understand that WHOIS is often the only method by which someone can locate and contact a registrant, so Porkbun provides a anonymity-preserving web-based contact form that allows you to be contacted by third parties for technical, legal, or other reasons related to your domain registration. The URL of this form will be presented to any individual querying your domain on our WHOIS servers if you are using our WHOIS Privacy service, or your data is redacted. Porkbun will take reasonable measures to prevent abuse (for instance, spam) via this web form. However, even though your identity is protected, you may still receive undesired messages from third parties submitted via this method. If you feel as though the web form is being abused, please let us know at

Even if your data is redacted in WHOIS, Porkbun will still share it with the domain’s respective registry, such as .tech, or .app. Our regulator, ICANN has insisted that registries in turn redact your information in WHOIS, however Porkbun cannot guarantee their compliance.

For maximum protection of your data, Porkbun will continue to offer its free WHOIS Privacy service after May 25, 2018, except on TLDs that do not support it (for example: .us, .fans, .nyc, and .am.) Users subscribed to this free service still won’t have their personal data revealed to the public, but additionally the data won’t be shared with the domain’s respective registry unless the registry requires us to submit it. However, even in the case of registries that require us to share your personal data when WHOIS privacy is enabled, we have received assurances that said data will not be published in WHOIS. You can enable or disable WHOIS Privacy from Domain Management. Again, if you do not utilize our WHOIS Privacy service, the registry may potentially list your contact information in their WHOIS database.

Your personal information associated with the domain on which you have declined redaction will then be publicly available in Porkbun’s WHOIS database and potentially the respective registry’s WHOIS database as well.

Your personal information associated with your domains may be shared with data escrow providers if Porkbun is required to share such data by contract, regardless of if you have chosen to redact the information from WHOIS or utilize our WHOIS Privacy service. We are required to share your data with data escrow providers as an extra security/stability measure to protect your domain registration. These data providers may in turn share that data with our regulator, ICANN, if contractually required.

Law enforcement and compliance with our regulator, ICANN

We will reveal your personal information to law enforcement, governmental authorities and private parties as required by the law. We may additionally disclose your personal data to comply with a legal process or claims process, to protect an individual’s safety, or to comply with requests from 3rd parties with legitimate interests.

If you believe that you or a 3rd party you legally represent has a legitimate interest and right to access personal data currently being redacted by Porkbun AND that this right overrides the interests and fundamental rights of the data subject, please contact Requests for access to non-public WHOIS information will be answered within 30 days.

Website analytics

Your activity on our site may be tracked by one or more analytics services such as Google Analytics. These sites may store cookies on your computer and use cookies to identify you. This data may be transmitted across international borders if those servers reside in a different country. The data we collect via these services may include information such as which pages you visited, how long you stayed, etc. In some instances, this data may contain information that could be used by Porkbun to personally identify you.

Targeted advertisements

Porkbun may advertise or work with trusted third parties to advertise Porkbun products on other websites in a targeted fashion. These targeted ads may be served to you based on tracked interactions on the Porkbun or partner websites that might include cookies or javascript code served on the Porkbun website, often by a trusted third party.

Based on your account activity, we may market to you. We do utilize automated decision-making processes in order to decide how to market to you.

Where your data is stored

Personal data collected by Porkbun is stored in a variety of locations: on servers operated by Porkbun, on servers operated by our trusted partners. Additionally, our regulator, ICANN requires that some of your data be stored on secure servers of data escrow providers such as Iron Mountain.

We will also share domain contact information with top level domain registries such as .com, .nyc, or .horse as contractually required and to complete domain registrations. Again, your data may be transferred across international borders if the server resides in a different country from you.

How we secure your data

Porkbun utilizes industry-standard practices for safeguarding your private data, including encrypting your data. Our website is updated on a regular basis for security holes and known vulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our website as safe as possible. All of our staff who have access to personal information will maintain strict confidence of such information at all times. We utilize physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to help safeguard, prevent unauthorized access to, maintain data security of, and correctly use your information, although we do not guarantee its security.

We ensure our partners follow best-practices for safeguarding your data as well. For instance, click here to see our credit card processor Stripe’s privacy procedures:

However, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that your personal information will always be secure during transmission or from unauthorized access during storage.


Please contact us immediately should you become aware or have reason to believe that there has been any unauthorized use of your personal information in connection with the Website.

How long we retain your data

We generally only retain your  personal data for as long as required to provide the products and services we offer. However, there are a few instances where we’ll still hold on to your data after it’s no longer needed to require our products and services. For instance: as necessary to complete a contract with a trusted partner, due to legal or contractual requirements, including regulatory contracts, and for financial accounting purposes.

How to see and update your personal data

To view or edit your provided personal data, log in to Porkbun and click “USERNAME” or your username in the top right corner, then “Account Settings.” To modify your domain contacts, follow these instructions:       

How to request we delete your personal data

Porkbun will only retain the data we need in order to provide our products and services and as needed to fulfill our contracts. If you wish to have data removed that we rely upon to provide our products and services, you may request such data be deleted by emailing your request to We will delete everything other than what’s required for contractual or required record-keeping purposes.

In most cases deleting your personal data will also require the deletion of your account and deletion or transfer out of any domains or products and services to another provider.

We will respond to any requests to remove personal data within 30 days.

Do Not Track

“Do Not Track” is a signal your browser can send requesting that you not be “tracked.” Due to a lack of industry consensus as to what this means, Porkbun will not alter how it behaves when it receives this signal.


Porkbun’s website or communications may provide links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of every link. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our site and to read the privacy statements of every web site that collects your personally identifiable information.

Web Hosting

Porkbun offers web hosting services, including hosted site builder and shared hosting. Any data that you upload or otherwise input into our web hosting service is your own responsibility and may become viewable to the public.

Amendment of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. Such revisions may arise in response to changes in the law, policy, or other factors. Any amendment will be effective immediately upon posting the amended Privacy Policy on the Website. We encourage you to visit this page periodically to review our most current policy. By continuing to access and use the Website, you agree to be bound by the amended Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, our consumer personal data practices, our products and services, or to report a privacy violation, email us at, or

21370 SW Langer Farms Parkway, Suite 142-429

Sherwood, OR 97140, USA

We will respond to all requests and inquiries within 30 days.

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