Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, at no time shall Porkbun LLC be deemed as an auctioneer or an escrow agent.

Shill Bidding

Shill bidding is the deliberate placing of bids on the seller's behalf, or by the seller themselves, to artificially drive up the price of an auctioned item. Shill bidding and/or bidding on your own auctions, whether it be from your own account or related accounts, is prohibited. Shill bidding is fraudulent, unethical and a crime.

Winning Bid

If your bid is the winning bid at the end of the bidding period, you shall pay Porkbun LLC an amount equal to your winning bid plus any additional transfer and renewal fees within 24 hours of the end of the bidding period.


If you are the winning bidder we may attempt to automatically collect payment via any account credit balance and / or the default payment method configured for your account. Optionally, we may also send you a link with instruction on how to pay via our website.

Runner Up

In the event that the winning bidder fails to make payment for the domain, the next highest bidder will have the winning bid and may be able to purchase the domain.

Proxy Bids

A bid for an amount that is in excess of the total of the respective current bid and minimum bid increment shall become a proxy bid.

Extended Bidding

If a bid for a an auction domain is posted within the last 5 minutes of the end of its bidding period, then the end of its bidding period shall be extended by 5 minutes.

Transfer and Renewal

Domains currently registered with Porkbun LLC will be moved into your account after payment has been made. If the auction was of the type "Expired Auction", we will either explicitly renew the domain for you before moving it into your account OR update the expiration date in our database and allow it to auto renew at the registry. Other auction types will not be renewed.

Domains not currently registered with Porkbun LLC will be transferred to Porkbun LLC and then moved into your account after payment has been made. Some TLDs do not support renewal upon transfer, these domains will not be renewed.

It is your responsibility to renew won domains if neccessary.

Transfer Block

Domains purchased via auction will not be able to be transferred to another registrar for up to (sixty) 60 days after the domain is moved into your account.

Auction Cancellations

At Porkbun LLC's sole discretion auctions may be cancelled at any time due to failure to transfer, fraud and abuse, or other reasons beyond our control; including after payment has been made. If payment has been made on a cancelled auction you will receive a full refund.

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