Customer Service provides customer service and support via email. Emails sent to will be reviewed by our customer service team and addressed in a timely fashion. You should expect a response to general support inquiries within 24 hours. 

If you have recieved bad service from Porkbun and wish to lodge a complaint, you may do so by emailing and placing the word "complaint" in the subject header. We will investigate and take an action if appropriate.


Please report any verifiable abuse of our services (such as phishing, pharming, malware distribution, spam, or illegal activity) to our Abuse Manager via email at, via our web form at or via telephone at +1.5038508351.

Upon receipt of your report, Porkbun will create a ticket in our ticket tracking system. You may request the ticket number for any case you have opened with us. You may enquire as to the status of your ticket by providing your ticket number as a reference, or by replying to our most-recent email communication.

We will review all abuse complaints. After investigating well-founded reports, we will take what we deem to be necessary and appropriate action, which may include the suspension, cancellation, or termination of relevant registrar services; or no action at all. Your ticket will remain open until the conclusion of our investigation.

For both abuse complaints and service complaints, you should receive a response within three days. If you are dissatisfied with our initial response, you may reply to our most recent communication and request an appeal. If we receive an appeal request, we will re-open your ticket and investigate the case again.

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