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Through a partnership with Porkbun, AIGA is able to offer its members discounts on .design domain names. .design offers an innovative, brandable and meaningful competitive advantage. Unlike other top level domains .design explicitly identifies designers. Your web and email addresses can be as unique and creative as your designs.


“OSSO was founded in 2014 by design duo Celina Pereira and Grant Wenzlau. We believe design is the ability to improve individual lives through tiny changes on a massive scale. We take a holistic approach, uniting strategy and design to build meaning into every company we work with.”


“Transmission is a graphic design studio and editorial consultancy. That means we can bridge the gap between design and text, making it easier for you to bring your stories to life, regardless of the project or format. Whether they were small, independent start-ups, or huge global brands, our clients have found us to be approachable, creative and efficient. That's because our team is small enough to be responsive and experienced enough to identify the right solution.”


“I believe that to design is to solve problems and that it is wise to do so without assumptions about what looks good and what doesn't. A combination of honest client and case research, typographic investigation, and inspiration found in everything from fantastic music to terrible UI is my problem-solving approach of choice.”


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