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Why .Science?
From the smallest experiment at home to the most elaborate endeavour, no scientist can operate without the wealth of knowledge built up by scientists over millennia. Given the sheer volume of such accumulated knowledge, the development of the internet has undoubtedly put science within the reach of a much broader community than ever before, as it has allowed access to information otherwise within the grasp of very few. As science and all its different fields have evolved so has the way in which scientists work, in terms of the ways in which they show commitment to their fields and the methods they can use to access support and information to help develop or validate their scientific arguments. Due to its global and all-encompassing nature, the Internet is a powerful medium through which, information and services, can be accessed. With a completely transparent and memorable domain name, the new .SCIENCE generic Top Level Domain (TLD) provides a dedicated, easily accessible location for global Internet users with an interest in science. .SCIENCE TLD is unrivalled as a source of information and services for online science communities.
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Alibaba Cloud$5.90$5.90$5.90 dns
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