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🎉Emoji Domain Names Are Here!🎉

What’s that? It’s the .ws domain extension and it’s just what you need! What’s so unique about a .ws domain name? You can register emoji domain names (who doesn't love 🐷🥟.ws) and get creative with how you direct people to your website! It’s a cool, unique, and memorable way to share your website with the world and stand out from the crowd.
How does that work?
The boring part is that browsers use a process called "punycoding" to convert "🐷🥟" to "xn--cp8hq6f" in the background. Most web browsers keep this process behind the scenes, but even if they don’t, your emoji domain name will resolve to your website without a problem.

Other Uses For .WS Domains

Today’s .ws domain names are also ideal for showcasing your next great “website,” a "world site," or “web services.” Do you have the latest SaaS offering to change the world? Show it off on a .ws domain! Want a short, memorable domain name to escape the crowded landscape of .com or .net? A .ws domain name is perfect and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Why a .WS Domain Name?

Originally intended as a ccTLD for Samoa (then called Western Samoa), this domain extension is not location restricted and has taken on new uses for emoji domain names as well as the domain for web services or to mean website. We love a versatile domain extension!

The .ws domain extension:

  • Is globally accessible without location restrictions for domain registrations
  • Works just like a .com or .net domain
  • Keeps your domain name short, memorable, and easy to share
  • Is also great for URL forwarding to an existing website

Save Money With Free Domain Features

These premium features come free with every Porkbun domain.

Free WHOIS Privacy

Keep your private contact information hidden from prying eyes with our WHOIS privacy service. Most registrars charge for this service; we believe your privacy shouldn't come at a price.

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Free SSL Certificates

Security is important and that's why we offer Let's Encrypt SSL certificates at no charge for all supported domains. We'll even auto renew them for you!

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URL Forwarding

Quickly and easily point your domain somewhere else with free URL Forwarding. Our URL Forwarder supports permanent, temporary, and masked forwards.

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Email Forwarding

Give your online presence a more professional feel with up to 20 free email forwards.

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Cloudflare DNS Management

With free DNS management powered by Cloudflare, you can rest easy knowing your site's DNS will be robust and available.

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