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In recognition of Veterans Day, Porkbun is donating up to $20,000 to support The Folded Flag Foundation’s mission to provide educational scholarships and support grants to the families of those who have given their lives in defense of our country.

$20,000 Goal for Gold Star Family Donations

Every domain registered with Porkbun through November 11 contributes $1 to The Folded Flag Foundation. The generosity from corporate sponsors underwrites all operating costs, meaning 100% of ALL donations go directly to the qualifying families.

Gold Star Family Support

Since 2001, over 10,000 service members have died in combat, leaving behind thousands of spouses and children. Of these, 97% are female, 30% are homemakers, 13% are unemployed, and 50% earn less than $50K per year to support their families.

Folded Flag Foundation Veterans statistics

With limited government funding to support surviving families in their transition to civilian life, founder Bill Foley — a businessman and West Point graduate — saw the great need to take better care of families after loss and started The Folded Flag Foundation in 2014.

Folded Flag Foundation logo

The Folded Flag Foundation Mission

The Folded Flag Foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships and support grants to qualifying spouses of fallen heroes and their children under the age of 26. This assistance helps provide a pathway to success by covering a wide range of living expenses and educational needs, from kindergarten to college/trade school.

Any and all domain registrations help us support this important organization and its mission to assist Gold Star family members on their paths to success.

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